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Mold Remediation Protocol

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We design a five-step process to remedy the mold growth in your home.

  • Assess the Damage: A visual inspection and moisture meters are used to check the moisture levels present in walls, ceilings, floors and cabinetry.
  • Extract and Dry: A vast array of water extraction and dehumidification tools are utilized to remove all the water from the affected surfaces, reducing the risk of further mold growth.
  • Seal off Contaminated Areas: All affected areas are sealed off to prevent the possibility of airborne mold spores traveling to additional areas. Polyethylene containments are utilized to protect building occupants with negative air filtration purifying the air within the work area.
  • Remove Affected Materials: Cleaning and bleaching affected areas will not remove the risk of mold growth. The only way to eliminate the threat is to either dry or remove the affected materials. Structural materials such as wood studs and framing can be dried, sanded and then treated with an anti-microbial solution. Cosmetic materials such as drywall and particleboard must be removed if not adequately dried. This is not a worry, however, because we are also a licensed contractor with professionals that can quickly restore the affected areas back to new condition.
  • HEPA Vac Treatment: HVAC systems and crawl spaces receive a HEPA vacuum treatment to remove any latent mold particles as small as 0.3 microns with 99.7% efficiency.

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